Abraham Ozler movie hit or flop; budget vs box office analysis

The Malayalam crime drama thriller “Abraham Ozler,” directed by Midhun Manuel Thomas, hit the theaters on 11 January 2024. With a budget of approximately ₹6.00 crores, the film showcased a stellar cast including Jayaram Subramaniam, Arjun Ashokan, Jagdish, Anaswara Rajan, Anup Menon, and Arjun Nandakumar. The following analysis delves into various aspects, ultimately affirming the film’s hit status.

Abraham Ozler movie hit or flop

the movie “Abraham Ozler” can be considered a hit. The film not only recovered its ₹6.00 crore budget within the first two days but also surpassed it, earning a total of ₹10.16 crore in that period. The substantial box office collections, both in India and worldwide, coupled with positive audience response and global appeal, contribute to the film’s success. Therefore, “Abraham Ozler” has proven to be financially successful and well-received, indicating a hit status.

Abraham Ozler movie box office collection

  1. 1 Day India Net Collection ₹ 2.80 Cr:
    • This figure represents the total earnings of the movie in India on the first day, after deducting taxes and other expenses. In the case of “Abraham Ozler,” it earned ₹2.80 crores on the first day, showcasing its popularity in the domestic market.
  2. 1 Day Worldwide Collection ₹ 6.00 Cr:
    • This figure encompasses the total earnings of the movie worldwide on the first day. It includes collections from both domestic (India) and international markets. In the case of “Abraham Ozler,” the film garnered ₹6.00 crores globally on its opening day.
  3. 1 Day Overseas Collection ₹ 2.70 Cr:
    • This specific figure refers to the earnings generated by the movie in international markets, excluding the domestic (Indian) box office. In the case of “Abraham Ozler,” the film collected ₹2.70 crores from overseas territories on the first day.
  4. 1 Day India Gross Collection ₹ 3.30 Cr:
    • The gross collection represents the total box office earnings in India on the first day before deducting any expenses like taxes. It includes the net collection plus the entertainment tax. For “Abraham Ozler,” the first-day gross collection in India amounted to ₹3.30 crores.
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In summary, these figures provide a comprehensive overview of the movie’s performance in various markets. The net collection reflects the earnings after deducting taxes and expenses in the Indian market, while the worldwide and overseas collections showcase the film’s global appeal. The gross collection in India represents the total box office earnings before deductions. Together, these metrics contribute to assessing the overall success and popularity of the movie on its opening day.

Abraham Ozler hit or flop analysis

Box Office Collections: The heartbeat of any movie’s success lies in its box office collections. “Abraham Ozler” kicked off with a promising start, raking in ₹2.80 crores on its opening day in India. The worldwide collection on day one stood at an impressive ₹6.00 crores, showcasing its appeal not just in the domestic market but also on the global stage. The film’s overseas collection contributed significantly, amounting to ₹2.70 crores. This robust performance translated into a staggering ₹3.30 crores as the first-day India gross collection.

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The positive momentum continued on the second day, with the film adding ₹0.36 crores to its India net collection. The two-day total reached ₹3.16 crores, establishing a solid foundation for further success.

Budget vs. Collections: One crucial parameter for determining a movie’s success is the ratio of its box office collections to its budget. In the case of “Abraham Ozler,” the film not only recovered its ₹6.00 crores budget but surpassed it within the first two days. The substantial ₹4.3 crores earned on the opening day and the subsequent ₹6.00 crores on the second day propelled the film’s total box office collection beyond the initial investment. This remarkable achievement within the early days of release positions the film as a financial success.

Global Appeal: The film’s success wasn’t confined to the Indian market alone. With a remarkable overseas collection of ₹2.70 crores on the first day, “Abraham Ozler” demonstrated its universal appeal. The movie’s narrative and performances resonated with audiences beyond borders, contributing significantly to its overall box office success.

Audience Response: Beyond the numbers, audience response is a crucial factor in determining a film’s impact. The positive buzz surrounding “Abraham Ozler” was evident in its substantial box office earnings. The film’s intriguing blend of crime, drama, and thriller elements, coupled with stellar performances from the ensemble cast, resonated well with viewers. Social media platforms buzzed with discussions, praising the film’s storyline, direction, and the captivating performances delivered by the lead actors.

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Conclusion: In just two days, “Abraham Ozler” has emerged as a box office powerhouse, surpassing its budget and earning accolades both domestically and internationally. The film’s ability to captivate audiences, coupled with its strong financial performance, leaves no room for doubt – “Abraham Ozler” is undeniably a hit. The success story of this Malayalam crime drama thriller serves as a testament to the skillful storytelling, compelling performances, and effective marketing that contributed to its triumph in the competitive world of cinema. As the journey of “Abraham Ozler” continues, it sets a precedent for aspiring filmmakers and reinforces the enduring allure of quality cinema

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