Gin Ke Dus (Hindi) movie box office collection| day-wise| budget| cast & director| hit or flop?

Gin Ke Dus movie which is a Hindi and cream movie to watch, it is seen that the film has been released in a Bollywood Cadbury’s related and is seen which has been released on 15 March 2024 which is liked by the film lovers. There is a lot of excitement to be seen in the middle of the film, where it is seen that the film has been directed by Saris Sudhakaran and great actors like Trishana Goswami, Anika Arya and Zahid Ahmed Khan are seen playing roles in this film. It is seen that in 2 hours and 2 minutes you get to watch the film as well. This film promises an attractive experience. It is seen that it has an interesting and entertaining story in its story. This film is available to watch and what is the total budget of the film and how much can the film earn and what will we get to see in the film, please tell us that Gin Ke Dus budget is around Rs 4 crore. The film has been made and it is seen that great roles have been played by a lot of people.

Gin Ke Dus (Hindi) movie deatils

Movie TitleGin Ke Dus
Release DateMarch 15, 2024
GenreCrime Psychological Thriller
DirectorSareesh Sudhakaran
Lead CastTrishana Goswami, Anika Arya, Zahid Ahmad Khan
Runtime2 hours 2 minutes
Production BudgetApproximately ₹4 crore
Hit or FlopTo be determined

Gin Ke Dus (Hindi) movie box office collection| day-wise

DayDateIndia Net Collection (in ₹ Crores)
Day 1March 15, 2024₹0.20 Cr
Day 2March 16, 2024_
Day 3March 17, 2024_
Day 4March 18, 2024_
Day 5March 19, 2024_
Day 6March 20, 2024_
Day 7March 21, 2024_
Total₹0.20 Cr

Gin Ke Dus (Hindi) movie budget

AspectAmount (in ₹ Crores)
Production₹ 3.50 Crores
Marketing and Promotion₹ 0.50 Crores
Government Taxes₹ 0.25 Crores
Cast and Crew Payment₹ 0.75 Crores
Total Budget₹ 4.00 Crores

Gin Ke Dus (Hindi) movie Hit or Flop

MovieGin Ke Dus
Release DateMarch 15, 2024
Budget₹4.00 crore (approx)
CollectionTo be announced
Hit or FlopTo be determined

Gin Ke Dus (Hindi) movie Screen count

RegionNumber of Screens
India400 Screens
Overseas50 Screens
Total450 Screens

Gin Ke Dus (Hindi) movie trailer

Gin Ke Dus movie has been released on March 15, 2023, where it is seen that people are very excited to watch it after watching its trailer and people also watch the movie in the cinema houses by many people. It is seen that the people who watch the movie in the cinema house feel very excited and very happy, whereas it is seen that you get to watch the movie with its running time of about 2 hours 2 minutes. The film has been made at a cost of around Rs 4 crores, in which excellent action has been taken by many actors and many great artists. It is here that it is seen that its screen account is very good. If you get it then its total screen account will be released on 450 screens, which will be a very high quality screen account to watch, so if you want to know many more information about this movie then stay with us. stay

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