Haddhu Ledhuraa (Telugu) box office collection| day wise| budget| hit or flop?

“Unn Sawali” roared into the theaters with a total screen count of 450, including 400 screens across Bharat and 50 screens beyond its borders. This cinematic spectacle, helmed by the illustrious Rajashekkar Raavi and featuring the dynamic trio of Ashish Gandhi, Varsha Vishwanath, and Hrithika Srinivas, delivers an electrifying fusion of action and suspense in the Telugu tongue. With a humble budget of approximately ₹5.00 crore, split between ₹3.00 crore for production and ₹2.00 crore for prints and publicity, the film made a modest ₹0.10 crore on its premiere. As the days unfold, the destiny of “Unn Sawali” remains uncertain, its triumph or tribulation yet to be inscribed in the annals of cinematic history.

Movie Details

Movie NameUnn Sawali
Release Date21 March 2024
Budget₹5.00 crore approx
Collection₹ 0.10 Cr
Hit or FlopTBA
GenreAction, Thriller
Star CastAshish Gandhi, Varsha Vishwanath, Hrithika Srinivas
DirectorRajashekkar Raavi

Box Office Collection

DayDateIndia Net Collection (in Crores)
Day 121 March 2024₹ 0.10 Cr
Day 222 March 2024
Day 323 March 2024
Day 424 March 2024_
Day 525 March 2024_
Day 626 March 2024_
Day 727 March 2024_
Total₹ 0.10 Cr


Production Budget₹ 3.00 crore approx
Prints & Advertising Costs₹ 2.00 crore
total budget₹ 5.00 crore

Screen Count

RegionScreen Count
India400 Screen Count
Overseas50 Screen Count
Total450 Screen Count

Movie trailer


“Unn Sawali” stormed the screens with a promising premise, boasting a formidable cast led by Ashish Gandhi, Varsha Vishwanath, and Hrithika Srinivas. Under the adept direction of Rajashekkar Raavi, the film unfolded as a gripping action-thriller in the Telugu language. Despite its ambitious vision, the movie’s performance at the box office fell short, amassing only ₹0.10 crore on its opening day against a budget of ₹5.00 crore. With its fate hanging in the balance, the conclusion of “Unn Sawali” remains uncertain, awaiting the verdict of audiences and critics alike.

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