Radha Mohan 24th March 2024 Written Update

news: The episode of “Radha Mohan” on March 24th, 2024, begins with Yug refusing to meet Radha in his current state and leaving in his car. Meera gets irritated by Yug’s behavior and comments on his short temper.

Meanwhile, Kadambari plots to prevent Radha and Mohan from meeting. As Mohan leaves, Radha arrives and asks about the visitor, unaware that it’s Mohan.

Mohan, on the other hand, feels a strong connection with Radha and reminisces about their past moments together. Radha, too, feels Mohan’s presence and is hesitant to confront him again, recalling their shared memories.

They both remember their past bond fondly, sharing moments of intimacy and dance in their memories.

Later that night, Yug obsessively watches Radha as she sleeps, fixating on her damaged clothes and removing a stain from them. He expresses his love for Radha and his determination to protect her from any harm.

The next morning, Radha calls Manan for breakfast, but he refuses to go to school. Yug encourages him to attend, reminding him that every day can’t be like Holi.

Meanwhile, Dadi expresses excitement about the new neighbors, and Poonam asks Radha about her vermilion, which Yug finds unsettling. Poonam explains the significance of vermilion in marital life and reassures Radha it’s okay if she forgets to apply it.

Yug cuts his finger and tries to apply his blood as vermilion, but Poonam stops him. Elsewhere, Mohan reminisces about Holi celebrations with Radha and feels a sense of incompleteness without her. Gungun interrupts his thoughts, asking about whom he’s speaking.

And thus, the episode concludes, leaving behind a mix of emotions and anticipation in the lives of the characters in “Radha Mohan”.

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